Aromatherapy That Is Just Right For Winter

by Alex Rider

As winter approaches people tend to close up their houses against the worsening elements. Grey days get shorter, the air in your house may need some invigoration.

Winter time calls for scents that freshen and cleanse the air. Oils that are typically used are evergreen, citrus, woody, resin and spice. Citrus oils, sharp and zingy, bring about images of oranges tucked deep in stockings and age-old citrus pomanders. Ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and clove are spicy smells reminding many people of foods like gingerbread and spice cake.

Citrus fruits like oranges used to be a very rare treat at Christmas, let alone any other time of the year. Today's well developed transport and communications systems simply weren't around in the past. An orange by its self was seen as a special present, often around Christmas studded with cloves, carefully dried to retain its scent or rolled in spices. Mixes of citrus and spicy scents help to reduce the common winter feeling of lethargy.

To create an uplifting and fresh clove-studded, rich and spicy scent this Christmas why not mist up the home with the following concoction:

5 drops of ginger
5 drops of nutmeg
10 drops of cinnamon
25 drops of clove bud
10 drops of lemon
10 drops of bergamot
45 drops of sweet orange

Use around 12 drops of this exciting mix per ounce of warm water.

Juniper berry, fir needle and cypress oils provide an image of winter greenery.

When the weather turns to become cold and blustery many people want to remind themselves of lighter and sunnier times. Past practices of cutting and placing a variety of fragrant branches from mistletoe, pine, holly and firs are great ways of releasing lively scents about the home.

A sense of renewal and emergence can be created in your home this winter with the following infusion of uplifting sweet, fresh and forest essential oils:

10 drops of juniper berries
4 drops of cypress
35 drops of tangerine
35 drops of fir needle
20 drops of cedarwood
40 drops of tangerine

Use these oils in an electric diffuser, aromatherapy lamp or terra cotta tree ornament.

Frankincense or myrrh have been said to evoke feelings of peacemaking and goodwill. A sense of silent warmth, meditation and spiritual rejuvenation can be created with the following blend of essential oils, all placed with an aromatherapy candle lamp:

30 drops of frankincense
30 drops of myrrh
15 drops of juniper berry
10 drops of cedarwood
15 drops of lemon

Herbal teas are also a great way of soothing any sore throats and winter chills that you may have. Be sure to give the following a go:

Basil tea. Reduces a bout of the shivers
Chamomile tea. Helps banish upset stomachs with its soothing aroma
Angelica tea. Great for when you've got the start of a cold or aches
Bergamot. Effective at relieving sore throats, can also be used as a gargle

So, with all this knowledge go ahead and enjoy the winter season, feeling alive and content no matter what the elements.

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