Five Tips For Buying Essential Oils

Buying essential oils can be a daunting task if you’re not quite sure what to look for. Unlike most items you purchase at a store or online, essential oils unfortunately don’t have an expiration date, at least it’s not printed on the bottles. Below are five tips to help take some of the guess work out of what you’re getting.

    Tip #1: Do your research... Each type of essential oil has different therapeutic qualities. The scent of aromatic essential oils such as Chamomile is good for treating skin inflammation or relaxing the mind. However, the scent of Eucalyptus is stimulating and is used to relieve sinus and lung congestion.

    Tip #2: Compare prices... Different types of essential oils demand different prices. If every bottle of essential oil is the same price, you may want to reconsider that purchase. Most exotic oils cost more than those that are more common. For instance pure Rose oil (Bulgarian) is extremely expensive and could cost upwards of $250 for a half ounce , whereas Clary Sage would cost about $5 for the same amount.

    Tip #3: The bottle says it all… If the essential oil you’re attempting to buy is in a clear glass or plastic bottle, don’t buy it! Because light has a damaging effect on essential oil, they are stored in dark colored (usually amber or blue) glass bottles. Aromatherapy oils are never stored in plastic bottles because the chemicals from the plastic will contaminate true essential oil.

    Tip #4: Check for dust... If the bottles have dust on the caps, avoid getting them. Dust usually means that the oil has been sitting around for a while and is probably old. While essential oils retain their therapeutic healing powers for quite a while, as they age the scent and healing power becomes weaker.

    Tip #5: Be label conscious... If the bottle says “fragrance oil” or “perfume”, it’s not a pure essential oil. Fragrance oils and perfumes contain chemicals and therefore even if the bottle says “aromatherapy” you’re not getting a pure essential oil.

The above five tips on buying essential oils are somewhat universal. Keep them in mind when you’re out buying essential oils and it will make your shopping experience much less confusing and your aromatherapy experience that much more enjoyable!

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