Organic Aromatherapy Oil

Some might say that organic aromatherapy oil is your best choice if you’re interested in using the purest essential oil available. Others may think it's not that important. It's really a matter of personal choice, you decide what's right for you...

Why Organic Essential Oil?

Why not? Organic plants are grown free from:

  • pesticides,
  • carcinogens,
  • petrochemicals, and
  • heavy metals

Many holistic practitioners believe that pure organic essential oils have greater therapeutic benefits because they are free of man made chemicals.

If you are environmentally conscious, purchasing organic essential oils not only benefit you, but the environment as well.

The overall aroma, quality and therapeutic benefit of pure organic essential oils appear to be superior to non-organic aromatherapy oils.

When organic aromatherapy oil isn’t available, the next best thing would be essential oils distilled from wild-crafted plants.

Wild crafted plants are grown in accordance with traditional agricultural practices and are also free of man made chemicals.

The difference… wild crafted plants are grown in areas where organic certification may not be available.

Organic farms are inspected regularly to test for pesticides, chemicals or other artificial substances. If the plants pass inspection they can be labeled “certified organic”. Whenever possible, buy aromatherapy oils that are labeled certified organic.

The purer the aromatherapy essential oil, the more potent the therapeutic effects.

So, if you are concerned with getting the best therapeutic result from your essential oil go with pure organic essential oils.

This organic oils article may be helpful for another point of view on organic vs. non-organic aromatherapy oils and their benefits.

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